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Call for Proposals: Prospective authors are invited to submit a chapter proposal by September 15, 2018 for the 'Game-based Assessment Revisited' to be published by Springer, New York.
Date: 09/15/18
Contact:Dirk Ifenthaler <dirk@ifenthaler.info>
Game-based Assessment Revisited
An edited volume by
Dirk Ifenthaler (University of Mannheim) and Yoon Jeon Kim (MIT)
to be published by Springer, New York
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The capabilities and possibilities of emerging game-based learning technologies bring about a new perspective of learning and assessment. More than a decade ago, educational researchers began to explore the affordances of video games as relates to how they might be applied for learning and assessment in a variety of contexts, from various academic subject and higher order cognitive skills to identity development and habits of minds.

In 2012, Ifenthaler, Eseryel, and Ge published the first edited volume focusing on game-based assessment (GBA), covering the current state of research, methodology, assessment, and technology of game-based learning with international contributions. Since then, the field has been broadening the scope of assessment in game environments (i.e., what we measure), developing processes and methodologies that go beyond psychometric practices (i.e., how we go about assessment in games), experimenting with development processes that balance game and assessment development, and implementing game-based assessment in real contexts (i.e., applying GBA in classrooms). Additionally, the field began to see wider and broader applications of GBA in other technology-mediated learning environments (e.g. simulations and programming environments) and applications of GBA practices in a wide range of playful and student-centered learning environments that are not necessarily digital (e.g. maker education).

Therefore, the current state of the field calls for revisiting GBA to understand what we have learned from the research on this topic, how the work has changed, and how the field thinks about assessment beyond game environments. With this next volume in the series, Game-Based Assessment: Revisited, we invite broader perspectives regarding the topic of GBA, featuring the following themes:

1. What are we measuring in games and why?
2. What are emerging methods and practices in GBA?
3. How has GBA influenced playful and authentic assessment beyond games?
4. What are some of the best practice implementations of GBA in classrooms?

Call for Proposals
Prospective authors (co-authors are welcome) are invited to submit a chapter proposal, including title, authors, affiliations, abstract (max. 300 words), five keywords, three key references and a description of how the chapter fits the theme of the book (see above), no later than September 15th 2018 to Dirk Ifenthaler (dirk@ifenthaler.info). The chapter should be a previously unpublished work. Upon acceptance of the chapter proposal, the final chapter should be completed no later than January 15th 2019. Contributions will be blind reviewed and returned with comments by February 15th 2019. Finalised chapters are due no later than April 1st 2019. The final contributions should not exceed 20 manuscript pages. Guidelines for preparing chapters will be sent to authors upon acceptance of the proposal.

The following represents a timeline for completing the edited volume:
• 15 September 2018: Proposal due including title, authors, affiliations, abstract, keywords, references, theme
• 05 October 2018: Notification and additional information for accepted authors
• 15 January 2019: Draft chapters due
• 01 February 2019: Chapters returned with reviewers’ comments
• 01 April 2019: Final chapters due

Please forward your inquires and submissions to:

Professor Dirk Ifenthaler
University of Mannheim
Email: dirk@ifenthaler.info
Web: http://www.ifenthaler.info
Twitter: @ifenthaler

Yoon Jeon Kim, PhD
Email: yjk7@mit.edu
Web: https://tsl.mit.edu/people/
Twitter: @yjkimchee
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