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The Design and Development Division of AECT is pleased to announce the 2019 AECT Design and Development Competition for promising instructional design research by graduate students working with mentors in the Design and Development Division. AECT is specifically interested in promoting collaboration and mentoring within the professional community.

The goals for this award are to:

  • improve the professional practice of design and development in adult learning and performance-improvement settings;
  • promote collaboration among students, faculty, and practitioners;
  • mentor promising students by leaders outside their home institutions; and,
  • recognize innovative design-and-development approaches to adult learning and performance-improvement problems.

2019 Competition

Phase 2 Update! 
Phase 2 Judging is underway! The Competition Planning Committee wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate the teams who made it to Phase 2! 

Team Name University

Magnolia Learning Solutions

University of Tennessee Knoxville

Purely Professionals

Indiana University Bloomington

LKGL Instructional Technology

Baker University 

Knowing NATO

Utah State University 

Passionate Educators

Ohio University 

Jamie Shea

Northern Illinois University 

U of SC C&I EdD

University of South Carolina

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

University of Tennessee Knoxville

Be on the lookout for Phase 3 information soon! 

Now in its 17th year, the AECT Design and Development Competition is designed for graduate student teams of two to take a realistic problem that Instructional Designers might face in business and industry and design a solution to the problem.  Judges evaluate these solutions in terms of theoretical excellence, creativity and feasibility.  The competition takes place in three phases or rounds.  

Beginning with the 2019 competition, NATO ACT (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Allied Command Transformation (NATO ACT) is serving as the sponsor. To learn more about NATO ACT, click

Competition Webinar
NATO ACT, the Design and Development Competition Coordinating Committee, and the Design and Development Division within AECT recently hosted an informational webinar about the competition. If you are interested in participating in the conversation, please review the webinar. To access the competition webinar, click here

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