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Learner Engagement
The Learner Engagement Division (LED) seeks to raise awareness of the new implications technology has on learner engagement and foster innovative instructional strategies to increase learner engagement. The LED is both an active and interactive space, geared toward bringing together researchers and practitioners in a common area to ask and answer questions in order to inform the study of and application of strategies that address learner engagement. Through a shared interest in education and technology, members of the LED grow their understanding of the interplay between pedagogy and learner engagement and develop concepts about how that relationship can be better understood and improved in a range of contexts.
LED Board of Directors (2020 - 2021):
President - Kay K. Seo (University of Cincinnati)
President Elect - Scott Gibbons (University of Cincinnati)
Technology Officer - Matt Yauk (Ohio State University)
Representative to the AECT Board - Angelica Pazurek (University of Minnesota)
GSA Representative to LED - Anne Fensie (University of Maine)

LED LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12051132
LED Twitter: https://twitter.com/LearnEngage/
LED Website: http://www.learnerengagement.org/
Primary Contact:
Kay K. Seo (University of Cincinnati)
Contact Email:

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